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Large Re-Engineered Laser

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The '''Large Re-Engineered Laser''' is an offshoot of experiments to mate a Clan [[Heavy Laser]] with a [[Pulse Laser]]. Though the experiments were unsuccessful, the resulting Re-Engineered Laser family has the unique ability to ignore the effects of [[Ferro-Lamellor]], [[Hardened Armor|Hardened]], and [[Reflective Armor]]. This allows the Large Re-Engineered Laser to inflict its full damage on units protected by those armor types.<ref name=fm3145p244/>
The Large Re-Engineered Laser is the largest of the Re-Engineered Laser family. Like all Re-Engineered Lasers, though it is technically a pulse laser, the pulses are too fast for it to gain the targeting bonus of those weapons. It is compatible with [[Targeting Computer]]s. Aside from its unique armor-penetrating properties, it behaves like a standard [[Large Laser]].