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Dismal Disinherited

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| image = [[Image:Dismalbrigade.jpg]]
| year = 3067
| commander = General Terrence Krieger
| disbanded = The [[Jihad3069]]
| jumpships = yes
| dropships = yes
| infantry = yes
Formed The '''Dismal Disinherited''' formed after the 1st [[First Succession War ]] from former CCAF [[Capellan Confederation Armed Forces]] soldiers with roots in the SLDF[[Star League Defense Force]]. The [[CCAF ]] hunted the new merc [[mercenary]] unit, which found a safe haven in the FWL[[Free Worlds League]]. The [[brigade could hold ]] maintained its strength through the 2 two decades long heavy fighting, with through the addition of family members and soldiers who left FWLM [[Free Worlds League Military]] service.
The brigade went to work [[Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces]] after this their contract first for with the LCAFLeague expires, then subsequently working for the FedCom [[Federated Commonwealth]] and lately later the FedSuns[[Federated Suns]]. In [[3050]] the entire brigade was assigned to the [[Federated Commonwealth]]'s Qanatir Command along the Lyran/[[Free Worlds League]] border.<ref name=20yr28>''20 Year Update'', p. 28</ref>
The 2nd Second Regiment had been stationed on [[Tall Trees]] in [[3067]], but shipped to [[Outreach]] after the Blakist assault on [[Wolf's Dragoons]] in October; the 2nd Second regiment arrived during November. The 2nd Second Regiment (erroneously reported as the First Regiment in some cases<ref name="MSUp12">''Mercenaries Supplemental Update'', p. 12, "The Rolls of Honor"</ref>) then participated in the [[Allied Mercenary Command]]'s disastrous assault on [[Mars]] in 3067 as part of [[Battle of Mars|Task Force Vengeance]] and was reported to have been destroyed along with the other elements of the Task Force on the 8th of December.<ref name="J:FRp44">''Jihad: Final Reckoning'', p. 44, "The Jihad In Review"</ref> The First Regiment joined the defenders called up on Outreach after the first Blakist attack, only to be destroyed by the Word of Blake when they retaliated for the attack on Mars.<ref name="MSUp12"/>
[[Burton's Brigade]] had been mauled on [[Hall]] during the transfer of Hall into the Free Worlds League and subsequently the command dissolved with the death of [[Elly Burton]], commanding officer of Burton's Brigade. The 3rd survivors from Burton's Brigade merged into the Third Dismal Disinherited.<ref name="MSUp12"/> The Third Regiment participated in an AMC attack on [[Talitha]] on 8 December 3069, together with the survivors from [[Burton's Brigade]].,<ref>''Blake Ascending'', p. 239</ref> but were overpowered by the Blakists and their mercenary forces; the Third was destroyed before it could escape from the planet.<ref name="MSUp12"/>
In [[3081]] it was reported that The destruction of the Dismal Disinherited had been destroyed during the was confirmed in [[Jihad3081]].<ref name="J:FRp119">''Jihad: Final Reckoning'', p. 119, "Allied Mercenary Command"</ref>
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