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With the creation of the first [[BattleMech]] in the [[25th Centurytwenty-fifth century]] the face of battle in the [[Inner Sphere]] changed. In the centuries that followed these awesome machines and the men and women that piloted them came to be viewed as the modern incarnation of the Knight-Errant. These masters of the modern battlefield were given honors, and some were even raised to the nobility on the merit of their accomplishments. Over time a social class of MechWarriors formed and a series of traditions became established. During the long years of the [[Succession Wars]], as the [[Great Houses]] battled each other for control of the Inner Sphere, many MechWarriors owned their own BattleMechs and a tradition of passing the 'Mech and their responsibilities from one generation to the next within a family line started. These 'Mechs became a treasured resource for those lucky enough to have them and were coveted and repaired again and again over the centuries.<ref name=CBT34>''Classic BattleTech Universe'', p. 45</ref>
This changed with the end of the [[Fourth Succession War]]. With the discovery, development and rapid adoption of many new and old technologies, the ancient 'Mechs that had held the field for so many years became hopelessly outclassed by newer generations of BattleMechs leaving factory lines throughout the Inner Sphere. The average independent MechWarrior could not keep up with the House-sponsored armies in keeping their systems and components up to date and soon fell hopelessly behind. With the coming of the Clans this became even more evident. The change in culture has had grave consequences for the private ownership of BattleMechs. Most of the newer Inner Sphere produced 'Mechs are owned by the various House Militaries, while amongst the Clans all property is owned by the [[Clan]] itself and a Clan MechWarrior never owns his own equipment.<ref name=CBT34/>
The day of a MechWarrior being viewed a a Knight Errant may be passing, but the legends and memories will linger on. Perhaps, when once again there is need, the people of the universe will once again turn to champions to protect them from the dangers without, perhaps the day of the MechWarrior as heroe of the people will return again. Only time will tell