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Veronica Davion

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==Character History==
'''Veronica Davion''' (b. ???? - d. ????) was the second daughter of [[First Prince]] [[Alexander Davion]] of the [[Federated Suns]] and the third child born to Alexander's second wife, [[Veronique DuVall]].<ref name="H:RWp51">''Historical: Reunification War'', p. 51, "Alexander Davion"</ref> It was through Veronica that the Halder-Davion branch of the [[House Davion|Davion]] family traced its lineage back to Alexander, before the Halder-Davion family ultimately died out during the [[Succession Wars (History)|Succession Wars]].<ref name="HB:HDp110">''Handbook: House Davion'', p. 110, "The Davion Lines"</ref>
* ''[[Handbook: House Davion]]''*''[[Historical: Reunification War]]''
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