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Field Report 2765: Periphery

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'''''Field Report 2765: LCAFPeriphery''''' is the sixth and final entry of a series of PDF-exclusive sourcebooks used to highlight various military powers of the [[Inner Sphere]] on the eve of the [[Star League Civil War]]. ''Field Report 2765: Periphery'' details the state of the militaries for the [[Magistracy of Canopus]], [[Outworlds Alliance]], [[Rim Worlds Republic]], and the [[Taurian Concordat]] as of [[2765]] and is presented as an in-universe overview provided to the [[Star League Defense Force]] [[Commanding General]], [[Aleksandr Kerensky]], from [[General]] [[Aaron DeChavilier]]; further detail puts the report in the context of a [[SLDF]] intelligence document reissued as a briefing note and intelligence document in the late thirty-first century for the units of the [[Republic Armed Forces]], the military of the newly-formed [[Republic of the Sphere]].
''Field Report 2765: Periphery'' closely follows the format of ''[[Field Report: Periphery]]'' but with three new [[WarShip|WarShips]] designs also included along with record sheets. The report is part of series of era specific source books of late [[Star League Era]], these include; Historical: Liberation of Terra ([[Liberation of Terra V1|Vol 1]], and [[Liberation of Terra V2|2]]), [[Era Report: 2750]], and [[Field Manual: SLDF]].