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{{year sections | events }}
* First episode of holovid ''[[Fringers]]'' is broadcast.
* Duke of Tamar creates the [[Stealthy Tigers]] "mercenary" unit.
{{year sections | characters }}
* [[Paul Fokker]] wins the Solaris VII Open Arena Class Grand Championship for a fifth year in a row.
* Increasingly disillusioned with a hostile First Circuit, Primus [[Raymond Karpov]] refuses to attend the body for three months.
{{year sections | technology }}
*Clan Ghost Bear fields ''[[Kirghiz]]'' OmniFighter for first time.
* Clan Cloud Cobra introduced the lightning fast [[Fire Moth (Dasher)|''Fire Moth'']] OmniMech.
* The AC/20 packing [[Centurion (BattleMech)#Variants|CN9-AH variant of the ''Centurion'']] BattleMech is developed.
*ComStar secretly develops and deploys the Fusion Drive variant of the [[Skyward|Skyward Warning Satellite]].