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Enter Mort Weisman
[[Mort Weisman]], Jordan's father, joined the company in 1985 to lead the company's operational management, having sold his book publishing business, Swallow Press.
Under the new commercial direction and with the Mort's capital injection, the company diversified into books and miniature figures. After consulting their UK distributor, [[w:Chart Hobby Distributors|Chart Hobby Distributors]], FASA licensed the manufacture of its BattleTech figurines to [[w:Miniature Figurines|Miniature Figurines]] (also known as Minifigs). FASA would later acquire the US figures manufacturer [[Ral Partha]], which was the US manufacturer of Minifigs. While Mort ran the paper and metal based sides of the business, the company's founders focused on the development of computer-based games.
===Computer games rights===