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* August - Popular action-adventure holovid ''[[The Bounty Hunters]]'' is released.
* [[Battle Magic|Mech Magic Inc.]] founded.
* Conspiracy tri-vid film ''The Phelidere Project'', loosely based on the disappearance of the ''[[Paymon's Staff]]'', is released.
* The mercenary unit known as the [[Federated Freemen]] is formed by Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Xavier Pelt.
* First [[Noisiel]] Summer Games held.
* [[Aris Sung]] wins acceptance into Warrior House Hiritsu.
* [[Simon Gallagher]] promoted to director of logistics and executive officer of the AFFC's Crucis March regional command.
* [[Katya Kerensky II|Katya of the KeresnkysKerenskys]] wins her Bloodname.
* [[Alain Beresick]] takes command of the ComStar JumpShip ''Direct Communication''.
* [[Cassie Suthorn]] joins the Camacho's Caballeros.
* Production of the ''[[Fortress]]''-class DropShip is halted as Semier Data Tron retools and refurbishes its production facility.
* ''[[Lysander]]''-class Submarine-Carrier enters service with the Draconis Combine.
* Irian BattleMechs Unlimited reintroduces the original ''[[Hermes]]'' as a technology test-bed, starting with the Beagle Probe -equipped 3S variant.
* Achernar BattleMechs produces the [[Dervish#Variants|3D variant of the ''Dervish'']].
* Professor Burke Kale develops the [[Virtual Reality Piloting Pod]].
* Prototype [[Hardened Armor]] enters service with Federated Commonwealth.
* [[Myomer armor]] introduced in Lyran Commonwealth.