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Super-Heavy Vehicles
'''Assault vehicles''' rely on the sheer volume of firepower they wield to take down even heavy 'Mechs. Weighing from 76 to 100 tons, their slow speed is their only drawback.<ref name=TW>''Total Warfare'', pp. 22-23</ref>
====Super-Heavy Vehicles====
'''Super-Heavy Vehicles''' are extremely large combat vehicles, used usually in defense, artillery, and command combat vehicle roles. Other than to their sheer weight and size, they are extremely similarly to assault vehicles. They are usually, 1 level taller than any other combat vehicle. Depending on their Locomotion type (Note: All locomotion type can be "super-heavy".), please refer to the following examples: The tracked-type weigh can be between 101 to 200 tons, while naval types can be as heavy 555 tons maximum weight.<ref name=TOSuper>''Tactical Operations'', pp. 70, 378 - Super-Heavy Vehicles - Basic description and rootamenty combat rules.</ref><ref>[ Combat - Errant noting they can non-naval Superheavies can enter depth 1 water and without being stuck/destroyed with regardless of lacking of environmental sealing due to their 2 level size.]</ref> They were prior post-[[Jihad]] era, were [[Experimental Technology|experimental vehicles]], which were later rated as [[Total Warfare|Regular accessable technology]], which all mass-production of this type of vehicle by [[3075]].<ref>''Technical Readout: Prototypes'', p. 208 Jihad Technology Advancement Table / Construction Options - "Super-Heavy Combat Vehicles re-rated from Experimental Technology to Total Warfare / regular rules in 3075."</ref>
===By Locomotion===