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Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade

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|name=Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade|image=TRO 3058u.jpg|publishername =FanProTechnical Readout: 3058 Upgrade|year=2006|production code=35015|ISBN=1-932564-34-9|MSRP=29.99|type=technical readout|battletech year product development = [[3070]]|pov = Major-General [[Margaret Tulliver]], [[WolfnetRandall Bills]]|primary writing=*[[Herb Beas]]*<br /> [[Randall Bills]]*<br /> [[Warner Doles]]*<br /> [[Chris Hartford]]*<br /> [[Kevin Killiany]]*<br /> [[Nick Marsala]]*<br /> [[David McCulloch]]*<br /> [[Ben Rome]]*<br /> [[Paul Sjardijn]]*<br /> [[Christopher Trossen]]*<br /> [[Andreas Zuber]]|product developmentcover =*[[Randall Bills]]|illustrations=*[[Doug Chaffee]]*<br /> [[Earl Geier]]*<br /> [[Chris Lewis]]*<br /> [[Duane Loose]]*<br /> [[John Paul Lona]]| era = [[Clan Invasion era]] <br /> [[Civil War era]] <br /> [[Jihad era]]| type = Technical Readout| publisher = [[FanPro]]| year = 2006|pages=232| production code = 35015| ISBN = 1932564349
This title is the 2nd in the TRO:[[3058]] series of Technical Readouts. New to the title are notable [[MechWarrior]]s and crews, as well as new variants. Also, [[Battle Armor]] have been included and the histories of the various models have been updated.
==From the back cover==
{{quote|''In the 3050's, the discoveries of long-buried [[Star League]] records led to a plethora of new cutting-edge [[BattleMech]] and vehicle designs by the end of that decade, resurrected from the blue prints of design firms centuries old and thought lost to antiquity. Now, ten years later, these designs have moved from novelty to workhorse, as the [[Inner Sphere]] once more finds itself at war!''
''Fully updated to circa 3070, Classic BattleTech ''Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade'' launches these designs into the current time frame, including notable [[MechWarrior]]s/crews, as well as new variants. Additionally, a [[battle armor]] section has been included, providing full Classic BattleTech stats, and updating the histories for these twenty venerable designs.''}}
* '''Briefing''' - 'Introduction'
::Demi-Precentor V-sigma [[Merle Jimmus]] (06 January, [[3057]])
* '''Inner Sphere Battle Armor'''
{|border="1"|-|** [[Achileus]]|** [[Gray Death Scout]]|** [[Infiltrator Mk. I]]|** [[Kage]]|** [[Cavalier]]|-|** [[Fa Shih]]|** [[Gray Death Standard]]|** [[Infiltrator Mk. II]]|** [[Inner Sphere Standard]]|** [[Longinus]]|-|** [[Purifier Adaptive]]|** [[Raiden]]|** [[Sloth]]|** [[Fenrir]]|** [[Kanazuchi]]|}  *'''Clan Battle Armor'''{|border="1"|-|[[Sylph]]|[[Elemental Battle Armor|Clan Elemental]]|[[Salamander (Battle Armor)|Salamander]]|[[Undine]]|[[Gnome]]|}
* '''Clan Battle Armor'''
** [[Sylph]]
** [[Elemental Battle Armor|Clan Elemental]]
** [[Salamander (Battle Armor)|Salamander]]
** [[Undine]]
** [[Gnome]]
*'''Combat Vehicles'''
{|border="1"|-|** [[Sprint]]|** [[Centipede]]|** [[Warrior]]|** [[Blizzard]]|** [[Cavalry]]|-|** [[Kestrel (combat vehicle)|Kestrel]]|** [[Badger]]|** [[Galleon]]|** [[Karnov]]|** [[Peregrine (combat vehicle)|Peregrine]]|-|** [[Yellow Jacket]]|** [[Hunter (Combat Vehicle)|Hunter]]|** [[Pegasus]]|** [[Plainsman]]|** [[Striker (Combat Vehicle)|Striker]]|-|** [[Goblin]]|** [[Regulator]]|** [[Bandit]]|** [[Fulcrum]]|** [[Maxim]]|-|** [[Vedette]]|** [[SRM Carrier]]|** [[LRM Carrier]]|** [[Manticore]]|** [[Po]]|-|** [[Tokugawa]]|** [[Pilum]]|** [[Typhoon]]|** [[Brutus]]|** [[Zhukov]]|-|** [[Partisan]]|** [[Challenger]]|** [[Ontos]]|}  *'''Inner Sphere 'Mechs'''{|border="1"|-|[[Raptor]]|[[Falcon Hawk]]|[[Owens]]|[[Strider]]|[[Firestarter Omni|Firestarter]]|-|[[Blackjack Omni|Blackjack]]|[[Chameleon]]|[[Enfield]]|[[Bushwacker]]|[[Lineholder]]|-|[[Black Hawk-KU]]|[[Merlin]]|[[Avatar (BattleMech)|Avatar]]|[[Dragon Fire]]|[[Maelstrom]]|-|[[O-Bakemono]]|[[Longbow]]|[[Sunder]]|[[Devastator]]|} 
*'''Clan Inner Sphere 'Mechs'''{|border="1"|-|** [[PiranhaRaptor]]|** [[Fire FalconHawk]]|** [[HankyuOwens]]|** [[Battle CobraStrider]]|** [[GrendelFirestarter Omni|Firestarter]]** [[Blackjack Omni|-Blackjack]]|** [[Shadow CatChameleon]]|** [[Hunchback IICEnfield]]|** [[Nobori-ninBushwacker]]|** [[Black LannerLineholder]]|** [[ThresherBlack Hawk-KU]]|-|** [[Cauldron-BornMerlin]]|** [[Crossbow Avatar (OmniMechBattleMech)|CrossbowAvatar]]|** [[GrizzlyDragon Fire]]|** [[Night GyrMaelstrom]]|** [[KingfisherO-Bakemono]]|-|** [[SupernovaLongbow]]|** [[TurkinaSunder]]|** [[KodiakDevastator]]|}
* '''Clan 'Mechs'''
** [[Piranha]]
** [[Fire Falcon]]
** [[Hankyu]]
** [[Battle Cobra]]
** [[Grendel]]
** [[Shadow Cat]]
** [[Hunchback IIC]]
** [[Nobori-nin]]
** [[Black Lanner]]
** [[Thresher]]
** [[Cauldron-Born]]
** [[Crossbow (OmniMech)|Crossbow]]
** [[Grizzly]]
** [[Night Gyr]]
** [[Kingfisher]]
** [[Supernova]]
** [[Turkina]]
** [[Kodiak]]
*'''Star League'''{|border="1"|-|** [[Maultier]]|** [[Padilla]]|** [[Alacorn]]|** [[Night Hawk]]|** [[Spector]]|-|** [[Talon]]|** [[Starslayer]]|** [[Lynx]]|** [[Cestus]]|** [[Excalibur (BattleMech)|Excalibur]]|-|** [[Shootist]]|** [[Spartan]]|** [[Striker (BattleMech)|Striker]]|** [[Emperor]]|** [[Nightstar]]|-|** [[Pillager]]|** [[Thunder Hawk]]|}
*Like other ''Upgrade'' titles, this edition isn't meant to necessarily replace the original editions, but provide new material to gamers & and collectors. *''[[Historical: Brush Wars]]'', published the same year as ''TRO: 3058 Upgrade'', shares the same production code (35015).
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