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Technical Readout: 3025 Revised

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| image = TRO 3025r.JPG
| name = Technical Readout: 3025 Revised
| image product development = TRO 3025r.JPG[[Bryan Nystul]]| primary writing = [[Phillip DeLuca]] <br /> [[Shaun Duncan]] <br /> [[Clare Hess]] <br /> [[Dale Kemper]] <br /> [[Sam Lewis]] <br /> [[Jim Long]] <br /> [[Blaine Pardoe]] <br /> [[Boy Petersen]] <br /> [[Anthony Pryor]]| illustrations = [[Joel Biske]] <br /> [[David Deitrick]] <br /> [[Leon Gor]] <br /> [[Kevin Long]] <br /> [[Duane Loose]] <br /> [[Brad McDevitt]] <br /> [[Mike Nielsen]]| era = [[Star League era]] <br /> [[Succession Wars era]] <br /> [[Clan Invasion era]]| type = Technical Readout
| publisher = [[FASA]]
| year = 1996
| pages = 184
| production code = 8603
| ISBN = 1-55560-310-6| MSRP = 15.00| type = Technical Readout| primary writing = *[[Phillip DeLuca]]*[[Shaun Duncan]]*[[Clare Hess]]*[[Dale Kemper]]*[[Sam Lewis]]*[[Jim Long]]*[[Blaine Pardoe]]*[[Boy Petersen]]*[[Anthony Pryor]]| product development = [[Bryan Nystul]]| illustrations = *[[Joel Biske]]*[[David Deitrick]]*[[Leon Gor]]*[[Kevin Long]]*[[Duane Loose]]*[[Brad McDevitt]]*[[Mike Nielsen]]| pages = 1841555603106
This revision of ''[[Technical Readout: 3025]]'' removed the infamous [[Unseen]] (the entire entry, not just the artwork) and replaced them with 3025-era variants from ''[[Technical Readout: 2750]].''
==ContentsFrom the back cover==*{{quote|'''Introductions''':: Adept XVII-sigma David KeithIn the year [[3025]], ComStarwar rages across all of known space. The [[Great Houses|Successor Lords]] vie for supremacy over the entire [[Inner Sphere]], 5 June 3025 (previously unattributed) :: Majoreach commanding a vast army of troops. At the forefront of these forces are [[BattleMech]]s, 12-General Margaret Tullivermeter tall humanoid juggernauts bristling with enough firepower to level a city block. Deputy DirectorCenturies of war have taken their toll, Wolfnet, 22 March 3058and 'Mechs have become scarce and valuable. The presence of these behemoths on the battlefield often spells the difference between victory and defeat!''
''This revised edition of the original ''[[Technical Readout: 3025]]'' features the most popular and powerful BattleMechs of the Succession Wars, as well as a selection of support vehicles, aerospace craft and rare [[Star League]]-era 'Mechs. Each of these war machines is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history and capabilities and complete BattleTech game statistics. Fully compatible with the BattleTech boxed game.''}}
*'''Light 'Mechs'''{|border="1"|-|[[Mercury]]|[[Thorn]]|[[Commando]]|[[Mongoose]]|[[Hermes]]|-|[[Hussar]]|[[Javelin]]|[[Spider]]|[[UrbanMech]]|[[Firestarter]]|-|[[Jenner]]|[[Panther]]|}=Contents==* Introductions*'''Medium 'Mechs'''{|border="1"|-|[[Assassin]]|[[Cicada]]|[[Clint]]|[[Hermes II]]|[[Sentinel]]|* Adept XVII-|sigma [[Vulcan (BattleMech)|VulcanDavid Keith]]|, ComStar, 5 June [[Whitworth3025]]|[[Blackjack (BattleMechpreviously unattributed)|Blackjack]]|[[Hatchetman]]|[[Vindicator]]|-|[[Wyvern]]|[[Centurion (BattleMech)|Centurion]]|[[Crab]]|[[Enforcer]]|[[Hunchback]]|-|[[Trebuchet]]|[[Dervish]]|[[Kintaro]]|}  *'''Heavy 'Mechs'''{|border="1"|-|[[Champion]]|[[Dragon]]|[[Lancelot]]|[[Quickdraw]]|[[Bombardier]]|-|[[Catapult]]|[[Exterminator]]|[[JagerMech]]|[[Grasshopper]]|[[Guillotine]]|* Major-|General Margaret Tulliver. Deputy Director, [[Black KnightWolfnet]]|, 22 March [[Flashman3058]]|[[Orion]]|} 
*'''Assault Light 'Mechs** '''{|border="1"|-|[[AwesomeMercury]]''|** ''[[ChargerThorn]]''|** ''[[ThugCommando]]''|** ''[[VictorMongoose]]''|** ''[[ZeusHermes]]''|-|** ''[[CrockettHussar]]''|** ''[[StalkerJavelin]]''|** ''[[CyclopsSpider]]''|** ''[[HighlanderUrbanMech]]''|** ''[[BansheeFirestarter]]''|-|** ''[[Atlas (BattleMech)|AtlasJenner]]''|** ''[[King CrabPanther]]|}''
* Medium 'Mechs
** ''[[Assassin]]''
** ''[[Cicada]]''
** ''[[Clint]]''
** ''[[Hermes II]]''
** ''[[Sentinel]]''
** ''[[Vulcan (BattleMech)|Vulcan]]''
** ''[[Whitworth]]''
** ''[[Blackjack (BattleMech)|Blackjack]]''
** ''[[Hatchetman]]''
** ''[[Vindicator]]''
** ''[[Wyvern]]''
** ''[[Centurion (BattleMech)|Centurion]]''
** ''[[Crab]]''
** ''[[Enforcer]]''
** ''[[Hunchback]]''
** ''[[Trebuchet]]''
** ''[[Dervish]]''
** ''[[Kintaro]]''
*Heavy 'Mechs** ''[[Champion]]''** 'Combat Vehicles'[[Dragon]]''{|border="1"|-|** ''[[BoomerangLancelot]]''|** ''[[Swift WindQuickdraw]]''|** ''[[J-27Bombardier]]''|** ''[[MASH TruckCatapult]]''|** ''[[Pack RatExterminator]]''|-|** ''[[Mobile HQJagerMech]]''|** ''[[135-KGrasshopper]]''|** ''[[RommelGuillotine]]''|** ''[[PattonBlack Knight]]''|** ''[[Von LucknerFlashman]]''|-|** ''[[Long TomOrion]]|}''
* Assault 'Mechs
** ''[[Awesome]]''
** ''[[Charger]]''
** ''[[Thug]]''
** ''[[Victor]]''
** ''[[Zeus]]''
** ''[[Crockett]]''
** ''[[Stalker]]''
** ''[[Cyclops]]''
** ''[[Highlander]]''
** ''[[Banshee]]''
** ''[[Atlas (BattleMech)|Atlas]]''
** ''[[King Crab]]''
* Combat Vehicles**'''Aerospace Fighters'''{|border="1"|-|[[SeydlitzBoomerang]]''|** ''[[CheetahSwift Wind]]''|** ''[[Thrush]]|[[Sparrowhawk]]|[[Sholagar]]|J-|[[Corsair27]]''|** ''[[TransitMASH Truck]]''|** ''[[StingrayPack Rat]]''|** ''[[LuciferMobile HQ]]''|** ''[[Shilone]]|135-|[[TransgressorK]]''|** ''[[SlayerRommel]]''|** ''[[ChippewaPatton]]''|** ''[[RieverVon Luckner]]''|** ''[[StukaLong Tom]]|}''
* Aerospace Fighters
** ''[[Seydlitz]]''
** ''[[Cheetah]]''
** ''[[Thrush]]''
** ''[[Sparrowhawk]]''
** ''[[Sholagar]]''
** ''[[Corsair]]''
** ''[[Transit]]''
** ''[[Stingray]]''
** ''[[Lucifer]]''
** ''[[Shilone]]''
** ''[[Transgressor]]''
** ''[[Slayer]]''
** ''[[Chippewa]]''
** ''[[Riever]]''
** ''[[Stuka]]''
*'''DropShips** '''{|border="1"|-|[[Leopard]]''|** ''[[Leopard CV]]''|** ''[[Union]]''|** ''[[Overlord]]|}''
*Unlike some other revised TROs, this one did not have the word '"Revised' " in the cover title. Instead, it was only located on the banner page.*This book is now partly included in ''[[Technical Readout: 3039]] '' (without space ships). 
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