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Oriente Protectorate

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The '''Oriente Protectorate''' was founded in [[3086]], after the dissolution of the [[Free Worlds League]]. Descended from one of the original founding states of the League, the Oriente Protectorate is a fusion of the [[Grand Duchy of Oriente]], the Protectorate, and the [[Duchy of Orloff]]. Oriente is theoretically a representative government, but it operates under military rule, much like the [[Free Worlds League]] after the fall of the [[Star League]].
This second-largest of the League successor states was led by the false [[Thomas Marik]] and his wife [[Sherryl Halas]] after the death of Sherryl's father, Duke [[Christopher Halas]], in [[3080]]. The [[Principality of Regulus]] viciously assaulted Oriente time after time for harboring the false Thomas, which forced Oriente to expand away from the Regulans. Sporadic fighting continued until the 3120s.