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Star (Formation)

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===BattleMech Stars===
This formation consists of five [[OmniMechs]] or, in the case of garrison and some second-line units, five standard [[BattleMechs]]. At the Star level 'Mechs are organized together based on capabilities; grouping together 'Mechs of wildly varying weights, speeds, and offensive proficiencies is generally seen as an invitation for the enemy to divide them in the field.<ref name=FMWC10>''Field Manual: Warden Clans'', pg. 10</ref><ref name=FMCC8>''Field Manual: Crusader Clans'', pg. 8</ref> However while Stars are defined by the weight composition of their Points in a way similar to 'Mech ratings - Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault - each type need not contain only 'Mechs of that weight rating. The following table shows shows the various compositions that are typically used. It is unusual for a Star to contain all four 'Mech weight ratings, and so it is omitted here.<ref>''Total Warfare'', pg. 265</ref>
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