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Previously it mentioned the 3D variant of the Dervish was created, but the page for the Dervish denotes the 7D was produced in 3047 and that there is no Dervish 3D
* ''[[Lysander]]''-class Submarine-Carrier enters service with the Draconis Combine.
* Irian BattleMechs Unlimited reintroduces the original ''[[Hermes]]'' as a technology test-bed, starting with the Beagle Probe-equipped 3S variant.
* Achernar BattleMechs produces the [[Dervish#Variants|3D 7D variant of the ''Dervish'']].
* Professor Burke Kale develops the [[Virtual Reality Piloting Pod]].
* Prototype [[Hardened Armor]] enters service with Federated Commonwealth.
* [[Myomer armor]] introduced in Lyran Commonwealth.
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