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Summoner (Thor)

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Notable Pilots
==Notable Pilots==
* The ''Summoner'' was the preferred BattleMech of [[Aidan Pryde]], though he used a ''[[Timber Wolf]]'' in his final battle on [[Tukayyid]], because no ''Summoner'' was available in his garrison cluster.<ref>"''Falcon Guard"'', p.16</ref>
* Khan [[Marthe Pryde]] was a feared ''Summoner'' pilot throughout her career.<ref>''Falcon Guard'', p.??{{cn}}</ref>
*[[Star Commander]] [[Joanna]] defeated Khan [[Natasha Kerensky]] in the Great Gash of [[Twycross]] in the cockpit of a ''Summoner'', though she usually piloted a ''[[Mad Dog]]''.<ref>''Bred for War'', p. ??{{cn}}</ref>