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Political Affiliation: We do have records of it in 3130, 3135, and 3145.
* [[3081]] - Taurian Concordat <ref name="J:FRp63">''Jihad: Final Reckoning'', p. 63, "Inner Sphere - [3081] Map"</ref>
* [[3085]] - Taurian Concordat <ref name="FM:3085pvii">Inner Sphere - [3085] Map"</ref>
* [[3130]] - No record Independent world <ref name="FM:3085pViiMotIS3130">''Field Manual: 3085'', p. Vii, "Map of the Inner Sphere - [3085] Map"3130</ref>* [[3135]] - No record Independent world <ref name="ER:3145p11">''Era Report: 3145'', p. 11, "Inner Sphere - [3135] Map"</ref>* [[3145]] - No record Independent world <ref name="ER:3145p39">''Era Report: 3145'', p. 39, "Inner Sphere - [3145] Map"</ref><ref name="FM:3145pVI">''Field Manual: 3145'', p. VI, "Inner Sphere - [3145] Map"</ref>
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= Planet Name =
Opening Statement: "Planet1 is the [orbital number] planet in the SystemName system [and is the regional capital of the FactionName6's Region5 district]. On the surface, the planet hosts CompanyName7's FactoryName8 industrial facility [and the summer palace of ImportantPerson9], while the Industrial Satellite4 facility orbits its moon, Moon10.
== Planetary History ==
On the 23rd of May [[3072]] forces from the Calderon Protectorate raided a number of Taurian Concordat worlds, including Charleston.<ref name="JHS3076p22">''Jihad Hot Spots: 3076'', p. 22, "Timeline of the Jihad"</ref><ref name="J:FRp50">''Jihad: Final Reckoning'', p. 50, "The Jihad In Review"</ref> The war between the Taurian Concordat and [[Federated Suns]] officially ended on the 2nd of July [[3080]] in the aftermath of [[Operation MATADOR]], but the fortunes of the Concordat continued to decline. Many worlds, lacking confidence in the Concordat's central government, seceded from the Concordat; [[Tyrrhenia]] was the first of the Concordat worlds to do so,<ref name="FM:3085p131"/> leaving the Concordat even before the [[Jihad]] had begun, along with the world of [[Hellespont]] soon after.<ref name="H:MPSp127"/><ref name="J:FRp43"/> Between mid-3079 and late 3085 six more worlds seceded: [[Argos]], [[Carthage]], [[Carvajal]], [[Celano]], [[Micros III]] and [[Mirfak]], and Governor Brenna Sieben of Charleston was debating declaring Charleston independent as well.<ref name="FM:3085p131">''Field Manual: 3085'', p. 131, "Taurian Concordat"</ref>