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Blood Asp

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Created by [[Clan Star Adder]] as an insult to their enemies, [[Clan Blood Spirit]], the '''''Blood Asp''''' has a large amount of available [[pod space ]] for its size. Based on the ''[[Kingfisher]]'', the ''Blood Asp'' adds an [[XL Engine]], but space constraints forced the replacement of the ''Kingfisher'''s [[Ferro-Fibrous]] armor with standard plate. The ''Blood Asp'' incorporates sixteen tons of this armor and fourteen [[double heat sink]]s in the base chassis. One of the first 'Mechs to field the breakthrough [[Heavy Laser]] technology, the ''Blood Asp'' proves to be an offensive powerhouse. Delivering incredible damage at all ranges, the ''Blood Asp'' makes short work of any enemy regardless of size.<ref name=TRO182>''Technical Readout: 3060'', p. 182</ref>
==Weapons and Equipment==
The ''Blood Asp'''s primary weapons are a pair of [[Gauss Rifle]]s that can strip off nearly a ton of armor at the range of six hundred and sixty meters, though they do not have a lot of ammunition, so [[MechWarrior (pilot)|MechWarriors]] must be sparing with their shots. These are backed up by four [[Heavy Medium Laser]]s, a pair of [[Medium Pulse Lasers]], and a [[Streak SRM-6]] for close-range work. To aid in heat dissipation, the primary configuration incorporates four additional heat sinks.<ref name=TRO182 />
==Alternate Configurations==