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Second Andurien War

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The war began with a multi-pronged assault by ground and naval units on Andurien. Albert Marik, called to the position of Captain-General, tried to counter the Capellan assault with a flanking action. Soon the war engulfed additional systems and raged across a front from [[Fujidera]] to [[Meadowvale]]. <ref name=HBHM_18>''Handbook: House Marik'', p.18</ref>
Despite being forced to split up his troops to garrison the dozens of affected planets, Albert Marik pushed the offensive back despite numerical inferiority, prompting the mad Chancellor to order the liberal use of nuclear and orbital strikes. Even as the ostensible cause of the war, Messillia Allard, disappeared on Andurien during a bombing campaign, and disgusted Capellan officers resigned en masse, the war went on.<ref name=name=EDAW_18>''Era Digest: Age of War'', p.18</ref> The grueling and bloody campaigns shook the Captain-General - who often led the front in a custom-fitted ''[[Griffin]] '' - so deeply that he became dedicated to lasting peace and eventually the formation of the Star League.<ref name=HRW_52>''Historical: Reunification War'', p.52</ref> <ref name=TSL_35>''The Star League'', p.35</ref>
==Treaty of New Delos==