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Warhawk (Masakari)

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Introduced by [[Clan Smoke Jaguar]] in [[2999]] in preparation for the anticipated return to the [[Inner Sphere]], while the [[Dragoon Compromise]] stalled such plans, the Jaguars unleashed the powerful '''''Warhawk''''' on their [[Warden]] opponents to deadly effect. Deployed extensively in the Jaguar frontline forces, and often seen paired with the ''[[Dire Wolf]]'', the design truly came to prominence as originally intended, on the battlefields of the [[Invasion corridor - Clan Smoke Jaguar|Jaguars' Invasion Corridor]] and earned the code name of '''''Masakari''''' - a Japanese battle-axe used on medieval [[Terra]] - from warriors within the [[DCMS]] who faced it.<ref name=TRO3050U140/><ref name=TRO3050>''Technical Readout: 3050'', pp. 38-39, "Masakari OmniMech Profile"</ref><ref name=TRO3050R>''Technical Readout: 3050 Revised'', pp. 36-37, "Masakari OmniMech Profile"</ref>
Though it appeared in the [[Touman]]s of a number of other Clans, such as the [[Clan Ghost Bear|Ghost Bears]] and [[Clan Jade Falcon|Jade Falcons]], the Jaguars jealously guarded their production, and all examples of the highly prized 'Mech outside of the Jaguars were battlefield salvage until production lines and design specs finally spread to the [[Clan Fire Mandrill|Fire Mandrills]], [[Clan Diamond Shark|Diamond Sharks]] and [[Clan Goliath Scorpion|Goliath Scorpions]] upon the [[Trial of Annihilation|Smoke Jaguars' Annihilation]]<ref name=TRO3050U140/><ref name=TRO3050/><ref name=TRO3050R/>. Produced exclusively on the [[Clan Homeworlds]], the design was one of many lost to the Inner Sphere Clans after contact with the Homeworlds ceased during the [[Jihad]]. <ref name=TRO3085>''Technical Readout: 3085'', p. 128</ref>
The ''Warhawk'' was powered by a massive 340 [[XL Engine]] that gave it a top speed of 64.8 km/h and mounted thirteen and a half tons of [[Ferro-Fibrous]] armor to protect itself from enemy fire. To dissipate the massive waste heat produced in its various configurations, it carried a staggering twenty [[double heat sink]]s. Additionally, though not truly fixed equipment on the chassis, the ''Warhawk'' managed to incorporate an advanced [[Targeting Computer]] into each of its configurations, making all of its direct fire weapons extremely accurate.<ref name=TRO3050U140/><ref name=TRO3050/><ref name=TRO3050R/>