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Wiki-break while travelling
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{{Message_box |id=Usrcvtext |backgroundcolor=#FC0 |image=Emblem-important.svg |heading=On A Wiki-Break|message = I'll be on vacation from now until 5 January 2017. As I expect to have little if any internet access while travelling, I probably won't respond to messages and queries until I'm back. Have a good time everybody!}}
=Well, here's me=
Raised in the golden age of RPGs, I was aware of [[BattleTech]] even before started playing classic boardgame BattleTech and reading the novels in 1992, back in a time when I had plentiful of spare time as a conscript in the army (Luftwaffe actually). Not knowing anything about the game universe or the 'Mech designs, I randomly affiliated with [[House Liao]] because green is my favourite color and chose the ''[[Archer]]'' as my 'Mech for the first training battles because I thought it had the best image (and two Doombud LRM-20 sounded badass - no idea what they were though). I did not know how it was different from a ''[[Stinger]]''... funny how I remember that after so many years.