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Steel Viper (species)

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The steel viper is considered one of the most dangerous creatures to inhabit [[Clan Space]]. Covered in blue scales with dark green edging, this [[w:Boa constrictor|boa constrictor]]-like animal also sports sharp thorns to protect it against attack. When it bites, it injects a poisonous venom capable of rapidly knocking out its prey and rendering them unconscious for up to a minute, making it easier for the snakelike creature to crush and devour man or beast. An antidote to this venom is common among the [[Clans]].<ref name=CBC>''Classic BattleTech Companion'', p. 145-146, "Creatures"</ref>
The steel viper has long been the dominate dominant predator of the Arcadian grasslands. In the past, an attempt was made by scientists to introduce the [[Cloud Cobra (species)|cloud cobra]] in order to decimate the steel viper population. Within months however the steel vipers managed to wipe out all cloud cobra nests in their territory.<ref name=CBC/>
[[Nicholas Kerensky]], the founder of the [[Clans]], used the steel viper as one of his chosen totems when naming the original 20 Clans. Thus Clan Steel Viper was born.