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MechWarrior (pilot)

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One of the most important pieces of MechWarrior equipment is the [[Neurohelmet]]. By reading the neural signals of the pilot's brain, the neurohelmet can allow the pilot to more reflexively control their 'Mech, helping to maintain their balance and perform complex maneuvers. The neurohelmet can also relay sensory data into the pilot's brain, though their are limitations on how much information can be transmitted. Neurohelmet designs have varied over the years but many are bulky contraptions that must rest on the pilot's shoulders.<ref name=CBT34/>
Just as important to the MechWarrior's survival in combat is equipment designed to regulate their body temperature; even when the life support is fully functional, the [[cockpit]] of a 'Mech "running hot" can get as hot warm as a sauna. Before the fall of the [[Star League]], pilots relied on [[Cooling Suit]]s to protect against overheating, but these eventually became [[lostech]]. Thereafter, Inner Sphere pilots were forced to rely on wearing [[Cooling Vest]]s and as little clothing as possible to survive these conditions. The recovery of lostech would eventually see the return of cooling suits, while the Clans never lost this technology.<ref>''TechManual'', p. 40-41</ref>