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MechWarrior (pilot)

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For many pilots, training began during their teenage years with entrance into a military school, which provided basic combat knowledge and skills, followed by admission into a military academy. A variety of academies exist offering varying levels of education, but regardless it will typically have taken many years before a cadet graduated with the skills necessary to be a MechWarrior. Alternatively, after military school some MechWarriors may have taken on an internship with one of the [[:Category:Solaris Stables|fighting stables]] and learned their fighting skills from some of the best gladiatorial champions. Still other MechWarriors were "homeschooled" by family and friends - particularly if they were born into a mercenary company.<ref name=ATOWC>''A Time of War Companion'', p. 77</ref>
For Clan trueborn pilots, their training began during childhood as part of a [[Crèche]] and continued into adolescence as members of a [[Sibko]]. Only after having passed their final [[Trial of Position]] will they have been granted the honor of becoming a MechWarrior, though some of the more progressive Clans allow a second Trialif they fail the first one. Freeborn pilots who showed sufficient aptitude at an early age also went through sibko training and won their Trial of Position, though they continue to face discrimination by their so-called genetic "betters."