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Spotlight On: Crescent Hawks

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'''''Spotlight On: Crescent Hawks''''' (shorted as '''SO:Crescent Hawks''') is the first in a series of campaign supplements designed to details on combat units featured in the BattleTech Universe.
SO: Crescent Hawks provides the background of the unit from it's its inception as a Lyran special ops unit to latest reincarnation in 3140s. The book reveals never before published information/background of the Crescent Hawks and which allows any player to be able run the company in numerous of different Battletech campaign game formats and eras.
Also in this book; Listing of character profiles of it's its notable members per three eras in which the unit was active in, force composition at it's notable moment in it's its history, alternate game options/stats for Total Warfare, Alpha Strike, Abstract Combat System and provides Alpha Strike Date Cards for all eras and Record Sheets for two of the unit's more notable BattleMechs.
==Publisher's Description==