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MechWarrior (pilot)

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[[File:MechWarrior.jpg|thumb|right|100px|A typical MechWarrior with her [[cooling vest]] and [[neurohelmet]]in combat gear]]
A '''MechWarrior''' is the pilot of a [[BattleMech]], the premier combat unit of the [[thirty-first century]]. These 'Mech pilots can be found on battlefields across the [[Inner Sphere]], the [[Periphery]] and beyond, whether fighting on behalf of a greater cause or just their own personal ambitions. MechWarriors serve in the armies of the [[Great Houses]] or as part of a [[Mercenary]] unit, fight in the gladiatorial arenas of [[Solaris VII]], or operate on the fringes of society as pirates and bandits. Among the [[Clans]], a MechWarrior can either be [[trueborn]] or [[freeborn]], with the former enjoying greater social standing.