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# To distinguish between '''homographs''' (''re-dress'' = dress again, but ''redress'' = remedy or set right).
# To link certain '''prefixes''' with their main word (''non-linear'', ''sub-section'', ''super-achiever''):
#: There is a clear trend, not yet complete, to join both elements in all varieties of English (''subsection''), particularly in North America (''nonlinear''). British English tends to hyphenate when the letters brought into contact are the same (''nonlinear'', ''subabdominal'', but ''non-negotiable'', ''sub-basement'') or are vowels (''intra-atomic'', ''pre-existing'', ''pre-industrial'', ''semi-intensive'', ''co-opt''), or where a word is uncommon (''co-proposed'', ''re-target'') or may be misread (''sub-era'', not ''subera''). North American English reflects the same factors, but tends strongly to close up without a hyphen when possible. Consult a good dictionary, and see [[ WP:ENGVAR]].
# To link related terms in '''compound adjectives and adverbs''':
#* A hyphen can help with ease of reading (''face-to-face discussion'', ''hard-boiled egg''); a hyphen is particularly useful in long [[nominal group (language)|nominal groups]] where non-experts are part of the readership, such as in Wikipedia's scientific articles: ''gas-phase reaction dynamics''.