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Star (Formation)

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Mixed Stars
===Mixed Stars===
In general, Stars which mix different unit types see their overall combat effectiveness severely weakened. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the strategic command Star, a formation first pioneered by [[Clan Wolf]], but presumably based on the Star League's [[Air Lance]] formation. It combines four Points of either OmniMechs or Elementals with an AeroSpace Point for reconnaissance and escort duty. The success of this formation has caused other Clans to adopt it, albeit in more limited numbers.<ref name=FMWC1112/><ref name=FMCC910/>
[[Clan Snow Raven]] also maintained a specialist Star formation known as an '''R-Team'''. Composed of two 'Mech Points, two Elemental Points, and a team of combat-trained technicians, it's primary purpose is for the recovery of battlefield salvage, or [[isorla]], while under enemy fire. Generally the technicians will call in special recovery vehicles to transport the material once it has been secured, although the R-team's 'Mechs are equipped with hands and nets to manhandle the equipment back to friendly lines if necessary.<ref>''Field Manual: Warden Clans'', p. 123</ref>