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;<nowiki>MechWarrior: Dark Age</nowiki>
WizKids created a new BattleTech game line called ''MechWarrior: Dark Age'' which employed the substantially different [[Clix]] game rules and had only superficial similarities with BattleTech as it was known until then. To avoid conflict in the shared setting, the new game and the new [[MechWarrior: Dark Age novels|novel line]] accompanying it was set in ca. [[3135]], roughly 70 years after the BattleTech timeline at the time. The 70-year gap allowed for some substantial changes to the overall setting and a 'fresh start'.
The creation of the ''MechWarrior: Dark Age'' spin-off brand led to a renaming of the [[MechWarrior Role Playing Game]] into "''[[Classic BattleTech RPG]]''" for the reprint of the third edition, and "''[[A Time of War]]''" (previously the title of the introduction) for the fourth edition. [[ROC]] discontinued their [[MechWarrior series]] of novels in the classic setting and began to publish [[MechWarrior: Dark Age novels]] in the Dark Age setting.
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