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Mobile Fire

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4th Succession War: corrected spelling
===4th Succession War===
The [[LCAF]] ordered the two mercenary commands Mobile Fire and [[Bad Dream]] unit to challenge the [[22nd Rasalhague Regulars]] on [[Gunzburg]]. The defending [[21st Rasalhague Regulars]] went underground and avoided contact with the Steiner employed mercaneriesmercenaries. After several weeks the mercaneries mercenaries set a trap. The CO of the Mobile Fire send a communicate to the Bad Dream command, stating that most of his forces were sick from a local illness. The Regulars intercepted the message and gathered their forces to strike at the weakened invaders. When the Rasalhague Regulars advanced the abbandoned camp, the Mechs of Mobile Fire emerged from the nearby swamps. When the Bad Dream advanced from the rear, the CO of the surrounded [[DCMS]] unit ordered his troops to surrender. However, the CO of the Rasalhague Regulars commited suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule. <ref>''NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 2'', p.63</ref>
===FedCom Civil War===