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Dismal Disinherited

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| image = [[Image:Dismalbrigade.jpg|150px|Dismal Disinherited]]
| unitname = The Dismal Disinherited
| year = 3067
| commander = General Terrence Krieger
| colspan="4" style="background: #efefef;" | '''Commanding Officers of the Dismal Disinherited Brigade'''
| [[General]]||[[Ivan Fontral]]||[[3025]]<ref name=HBDp147>''House Davion (The Federated Suns)'', p.137</ref>|-| General||[[Salvador Lyly]]||[[3050]]<ref name=20yr28/>
| General||[[Terrence Krieger]]||[[3067]]
The Regimentbrigades's support structure has the ability to meet all the Brigade's technical demands. The technical staff are highly skilled in the repair of the worst damage imaginable. The common soldiers can act as astechs to free up the techs for the important repairs. The unit has access to [[DropShip]]s and [[JumpShip]]s.
One of the JumpShips operated by the Dismal Disinherited, the ''[[Invader]]''-class ''[[Star Burner]]'', was purchased from the [[Federated Suns]] in the aftermath of the Fourth Succession War. The ''Star Burner'' was a ship on which a number of the original members of the Dismal Disinherited had served before they left Capellan service to form the mercenary brigade.<ref name="FM:MRp61">''Field Manual: Mercenaries Revised'', p. 61, "The Dismal Disinherited"</ref>
''' Dismal Disinherited''' (3 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)
:Contract:AFFS<ref name=HBDp147>''House Davion (The Federated Suns)'', p.137 </ref>:*CO: General Ivan Fontral <ref name=HBDp147/>
*[[1st Dismal Disinherited]]
*[[2nd Dismal Disinherited]]
*[[3rd Dismal Disinherited]]
''' Dismal Disinherited'''
:*''' 1st Dismal Disinherited''' (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)<ref name=HWO3039>''Historical: War of 3039'' , p. 140 </ref>:*''' 2nd Dismal Disinherited''' (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)<ref name=HWO3039/>:*''' 3rd Dismal Disinherited''' (Regiment/Green/Reliable)<ref name=HWO3039/>
''' Dismal Disinherited'''
:*''' 1st Dismal Disinherited''' (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)<ref name=20yr28/>:*''' 2nd Dismal Disinherited''' (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)<ref name=20yr28/>:*''' 3rd Dismal Disinherited''' (Regiment/Green/Questionable)<ref name=20yr28/>