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* 14th Lyran Guards raid the Free Worlds League world of Pingree, repulsed by the 5th Fusiliers of Oriente.
* [[13th Marik Militia]] attacks 17th Arcturan Guards.
* [[Harlock's Warriors]] raid the Kali Yama Weapons plant on Kalidasa, holding off the Silver Hawk IrregularIrregulars's Gryphons regiment long enough so the "Rabid Foxes" could steal FWLM 'Mech design specs.
* In an attempt to regain territory and strengthen her Clan's reputation, Khan Khan [[Robin Steele]] leads Clan Coyote in a series of Trials and raids against Clan Snow Raven.
* The Empire of the Stars attempts to invade [[Far Reach]], but is rebuffed by the Far Reach Collective.