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Design Quirks

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adding design quirk to list from BMM. Only have time to do one or two today. There is limited information what other types games the quirks take effect, such as Alpha Strike or BF.
:'''Applicable to:''' BattleMechs and IndustrialMechs <ref name=ASC62/>
===='''Directional Torso Mount''' [BT]====
:Units featuring this Design Quirk, player should treat the unit as it has as a [[BattleMech Turret|BattleMech shoulder turret]].
Anything mounted in the shoulder regions will have will be able to change torso facing, like regular Mechs. However, this torso facing does not return to it's original facing. A player must declare they've changing facing of the torso from it's last position when the next turn accrues. Weapons mounted in either forwards or Backward will be effect by this Torso movement. Each time a torso hit (forwards or back), a player must roll 2D6 to determine if this ability to turn torso is destroyed. A Directional Torso will be destroyed if the attacking player rolls 7 or better on a separate roll after hitting the section.
: '''Points:''' 2
:'''Applicable to:'''BattleMechs, IndustrialMechs.<ref>''BattleMechManual'', p. 83 - Directional Torso Mount - Information on Design Quirk.</ref>
===='''Distracting''' [BT, AS, SBF]====''BattleTech'' and ''Alpha Strike:''
:Units with the Distracting Quirk are designed or modified to intimidate opponents with their appearance. Such units impose a penalty to morale checks opponents must make when the Tactical Morale rules are in play, and are cumulative with the Demoralizer Special Piloting Ability<ref name="RS:3145ntnu12"/>. Like other "psychological" Quirks and SPAs, the Distracting quirk does not apply to Drone and Robotic units<ref name=ASC40/><ref name=IO298/>.
: '''Points:''' 1