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*Although the ''Rifleman'' is a mediocre design and a strange choice for an arena 'Mech, Noton's 'Mech had to be a ''Rifleman'' because it was the only BattleMech design from the original [[BattleTech (board game)]] boxed set that could conceivably flip its arms, a maneuver that is an important plot point in the novel introducing Gray Noton. The design underscored Noton's elite skills and also added some mystery to the character to the point where the exact configuration of the ''Legend-Killer'' has become one of BattleTech's longest-running [[canon rumor]]s that players have been discussing, with hints dropped in various sourcebooks but no definite answer given.
*Solaris VII was a technologically advanced world with a high concentration of experienced techs and experts on the subject of BattleMech technology, and arena 'Mechs typically even featured telemetry upgrades during matches so that the audience and betting agencies could better gauge their condition and performance. All of this would make it harder to conceal modifications or upgrades of any sort. At the same time, Noton was well-connected and apt in shady dealings, and may conceivably have been in a position to mask the exact configuration of his 'Mech in the arena either through technical means or through bribery. It is also possible that he was simply not legally required to divulge such information in the open Class Five circuit.
Image:MWO Legend Killer.png|[[MechWarrior Online]] art of the ''Legend Killer''