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Rugged [BT]: Reword.
===='''Rugged''' [BT]====
:The Rugged design quirk effects maintenance of BattleMech inbetween combat when maintenance needs to be done. Rugged , depending on how many points put into the quirk, allows reduces the amount of time between maintenance cycles normally required for a Mech to be able reduce frequency for the need for maintenance that normal BattleMechs may require. A Mech with 1 point into Rugged, may go twice as long without needing being maintenance, while 2 points allows a design with this quirk to go three times as long without maintenance.<ref>''BattleMech ManuaManual'', p. 85 - Rugged Design Quirk - Info on Quirk''</ref>
: '''Points:''' 1 or 2
:'''Applicable to:'''BattleMechs
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