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===='''Stabilized Weapon''' [BT]====
:This quirk allows for a weapons received –1 modifier.for all Target Numbers for that weapon. This includes if the running or even sprinting. The cost is 1 point per 7 points (or fraction thereof) of maximum damage the weapon can inflict in a single Damage Value grouping. More than one weapon can receive this positive quirk, but the cost for each must be paid.<ref>''BattleMech Manual'', P. 86 - Stabilized Weapon</ref/>
: '''Points:''' Varies See Notes
==='''List of Negative Design Quirks'''===<ref name=SOp197>''Strategic Operations'', p. 197, "Negative Quirk Table"</ref><ref name=IO299>''Interstellar Operations'' pg. 299, "Negative Design Quirks Table"</ref><ref name=ASC61>''Alpha Strike Companion'', pg. 61, "Negative Design Quirks Table"</ref>===
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