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==='''List of Positive Design Quirks'''<ref name=SOp194>''Strategic Operations'', p. 194, "Positive Quirk Table"</ref><ref name=IO298>''Interstellar Operations'' pg. 298, "Positive Design Quirks Table"</ref><ref name=ASC60>''Alpha Strike Companion'', pg. 60, "Positive Design Quirks Table"</ref>===
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<div class="Posititve Design Quirks">
===='''Accurate Weapon''' [BT, AS, SBF]====
:'''Applicable to:''' AeroSpace Fighters, DropShips and Small Craft.<ref name=SOp194/>
===='''Barrel Fist''' [BT]====
:Applied to BattleMechs with no [[Hand Actuator]]s, this quirk allows for a Mech with the Quirk to punch not to be penalized with +1 Targeting Number to their to hit roll. Points must be paid per fist to be used and arm actuator must have a Lower Arm Actuator to be applied. <ref>''BattleMech Manual'', p. 82 - Barrel Fist Design Quirk - Info on Quirk''</ref>
: '''Points:''' 1
:'''Applicable to:'''BattleMechs
===='''Battle Computer''' [BT, AS, SBF]====
:'''Applicable to:''' VTOL vehicles only.<ref name=SOp194/>
==='''List of Negative Design Quirks'''===<ref name=SOp197>''Strategic Operations'', p. 197, "Negative Quirk Table"</ref><ref name=IO299>''Interstellar Operations'' pg. 299, "Negative Design Quirks Table"</ref><ref name=ASC61>''Alpha Strike Companion'', pg. 61, "Negative Design Quirks Table"</ref>
<div class="gamerulesNegative Design Quirks">
===='''Ammunition Feed Problem''' [BT, AS]====
:This Quirk indicates that the unit has a ballistic or missile weapons that is prone to jamming at unfortunate times. The unit must make another roll after each to-hit roll with the affected weapon system to see if the bay or system jams or, in extreme situations, explodes.<ref name=SOp196>''Strategic Operations'', p. 196</ref>