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:As above, but applies a flat -1 bonus to all attacks unless they are being split<ref name=ASC64/><ref name=IO298/>.
===='''Vestigial Hands''' [BT]====
:Applied to BattleMechs with no [[Hand Actuator]]s, whom have not critical point applied in the arms. Vestigial Hands allows for a Mech with this quirk to life and drop items IF its related to a scenario objective.<ref>''BattleMech Manual'', pp. 21, 86 - Lifting Items (Simplified) & Vestigial Hands Design Quirk - Info on BMM Specific lifting items which involve a objectives in scenario and the the Quirk that allows lifting possible for the handless Mech with the quirk.''</ref>
: '''Points:''' 0
:'''Applicable to:'''BattleMechs
===='''VTOL Rotor Arrangement''' [BT]====