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Improved Cooling Jacket [BT]
===='''Improved Cooling Jacket''' [BT]====
:The Improved Cooling Jacket Quirk may be taken more than once by a unit; each iteration applies to a different weapon or weapons bay, and denotes the presence of an improved cooling mechanism that reduces the heat generated by the weapon or weapons bay when it firesby 1 point. The cost for each iteration of the Quirk taken by the unit must be paid for separately, and under no circumstances can this quirk reduce a weapon's heat output to 0.<ref name="SOp194a"/>
: '''Points:''' 1
:'''Applicable to:''' Heat-tracking units, such as AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs, DropShips, JumpShips, Small Craft, Space Stations and WarShips.<ref name=SOp194/> 
===='''Improved Communications''' [BT, AS, SBF]====