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Improved Communications [BT, AS, SBF]
===='''Improved Communications''' [BT, AS, SBF]====
:Signifies a powerful communications suite that can thwart jamming. Units with the Improved Communications Quirk ignore the effects first level of LECM Sensor Ghosts used against them by ECM. BattleMechs which have this quirk and GECM systemsare also equipped with a Satellite Uplink may attempt an Uplink without penalizing their movement or attacks.<ref name="SOp195">''Strategic Operations'', p. 195</ref><ref name=ASC63/><ref name=IO298/>
: '''Points:''' 2
:'''Applicable to:''' AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs, Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, DropShips, JumpShips, Small Craft, Space Stations, Support Vehicles, WarShips<ref name=SOp194/> and ProtoMechs.<ref name="RS:3145ntnuPMQT"/>
===='''Improved Life Support''' [BT]====