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Extended Torso Twist [BT, AS]
===='''Extended Torso Twist''' [BT, AS]====
:Capable of twisting their torso sections much further than the average BattleMech. 'Mechs with the Extended Torso Twist Quirk can Torso Twist one hexside farther than normal. This Quirk can be applied to units which cannot normally Torso Twist, such as Quad Mechs, granting them the ability to perform a normal Torso Twist.<ref name="SOp194a">''Strategic Operations'', p. 194, text</ref>
''Alpha Strike:''
:The unit gains a 360-degree arc of fire, though it retains its Rear Arc for damage purposes.<ref name=ASC63/>
: '''Points:''' 3
:'''Applicable to:''' BattleMechs<ref name=SOp194/>, IndustrialMechs<ref name=ASC63/>, and ProtoMechs.<ref name="RS:3145ntnuPMQT"/>
===='''Fast Reload''' [BT]====