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Accurate Weapon [BT, AS, SBF]
:The Accurate Weapon Quirk marks a weapon or weapons bay as having exceptional design or construction quality. As such, it receives a –1 bonus to the target numbers for to-hit rolls. While this Quirk can be applied to multiple weapons or weapon bays on the same unit, the cost of the Quirk must be paid for each<ref name="SOp193">''Strategic Operations'', p. 193</ref>.
: '''Points:''' Variable; The cost is proportional to the damage potential of the weapon or weapon bay.
::*1 Quirk Point for every 5 points of damage dealt, or fraction thereof.::*2 Quirk Points for weapons which do not do any damage, such as [[Target Acquisition Gear]].
:'''Applicable to:''' AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs, Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, DropShips, JumpShips, Small Craft, Space Stations, Support Vehicles, WarShips<ref name=SOp194/> and ProtoMechs.<ref name="RS:3145ntnuPMQT">''Record Sheets: 3145, New Tech, New Upgrades'' p. 12, "ProtoMech Design Quirks Table"</ref>
''Alpha Strike'' and ''Strategic Battleforce''