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Modular Weapons [BT, AS]
===='''Modular Weapons''' [BT, AS]====
:The Modular Weapons Quirk offers two benefits to the unit that possesses it. While it does not offer the flexibility of an Omni-design, it takes half the usual time to replace weapons or install customizations. Despite these benefits, repairs performed in place still take the usual time. This quirk may be applied to the entire mech, or only to specific weapons, but the cost does not change.<ref name="SOp195"/>
: '''Points:''' 1
:'''Applicable to:''' AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs, Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, DropShips, Small Craft and Support Vehicles.<ref name=SOp194/>
''Alpha Strike:''
:Gives a bonus to Repair Rolls, and also reduces Repair times as though the unit had the OMNI special ability. <ref name=ASC63/>
===='''Multi-Trac''' [BT, AS]====