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Trillian Steiner-Davion

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Character History
In November, [[3136]] Archon Melissa Steiner informs her that she is assigning her as military envoy to
Duke Vedet's expeditionary force that to hammer various parts of old Free Worlds League to prevent there reformation. She would be given considerable sweeping powers as envoy of the Archon. Part of her mission also includes her being send to [[Ark -Royal]]'s [[Clan Wolf-in Exile]] to form an pack with them. To get them to negotiate a secret pack with their [[Clan Wolf|other half]] to help invade Free Worlds League space. She names Colonel [[Klaus Wehner]] as military aide.
In March 18th, [[3137]] she meets with Duke Vedet Brewster and his military aide Bernard Nordhoff and offers him position as campaign leader of coming invasion of Free Worlds League. She must use her diplomatic skills to plan keep Duke 's ambitions in check.