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Design Quirks

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Description and Summary: Added references to the Quirk Lists in Battlemech Manual
==Description and Summary==
'''Design Quirks''' are an optional rule set, first formalized in ''[[Strategic Operations]]''. A more complete list of quirks, both positive and negative was then included in the ''[[BattleMech Manual]]''. They are intended to increase the depth of gameplay, providing rules for otherwise-unsupported features mentioned in game fiction. The idea is an old one, first established in the 'Mech descriptions in the original versions of ''[[Technical Readout: 3025|TRO:3025]]''. The [[Javelin]]'s entry, for example, contained rules for an early version of the ''Unbalanced'' Negative Quirk<ref name=TR3025>''Technical Readout: 3025, (third printing), p. 16, "Capabilities"</ref>.
Currently, relatively few BattleMechs have a fairly comprehensive list of quirks exists for canonical quirks; designs, as published in the ''[[Strategic OperationsBattleMech Manual]]'' assigns (often incomplete) sample quirks to a handful of units from , expanding on the list that ''[[Technical Readout: 3039|TRO: 3039Strategic Operations]]''began. Volumes of the PDF-only ''Experimental Technical Readout'' series published during or after July 2011 (starting with ''[[Experimental Technical Readout: The Clans|XTR: Clans]]'') include quirks for most units. ''[[Technical Readout: Prototypes|TRO: Prototypes]]'' first collected these. In addition, the ''TROs'' of the 3145 series gave quirks for all the units they presented. Several new Quirks were introduced in these sources, which are compiled (along with the ''TRO: Prototypes'' quirks) in the print version of ''[[Technical Readout: 3145|TRO: 3145]]'' and ''[[Record Sheets: 3145 New Tech, New Upgrades|RS:3145,NTNU]]''. ''[[Interstellar Operations]]'' added several items of Era-dependent equipment that grant one or more Design Quirks, rules for Quirks in ''Strategic Battleforce''<ref name=IO296>''Interstellar Operations'', p. 296</ref>, and (with the ''[[Alpha Strike Companion]]''<ref name=ASC40>''Alpha Strike Companion'', p. 40</ref>) clarified which Design Quirks apply to Drone units <ref name=IO292>''Interstellar Operations'', p. 292</ref>
In keeping with the more-abstract nature of the Alpha Strike and Strategic Battleforce rulesets, the Quirk restrictions and rules in the ''Alpha Strike Companion'' and SBF are generally streamlined <ref name=ASC59> ''Alpha Strike Companion'', p. 59</ref><ref name=IO292/>, and often very different than the BattleTech rules. The rules for these games are presented below if the points cost or game rules differ significantly. Some quirks are removed from both rulesets, with Strategic Battleforce having the fewest Quirks and BattleTech the most.
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