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To-do list
*The careless mass-use of the "Update needed" tag irks me. [[:Category:Sources needing updates]] needs to be worked down.
*[[:Category:Pages with reference errors]] needs to be worked down.
*All categories and list articles of "Minor" somethings need to be eliminated, their content merged into proper categories or articles. Nothing is objectively "minor", and I feel it is a useless or even positively misleading parameter.*[[BattleTech]] article needs to be updated and expanded
*check [ this list] of reportedly misplaced systems on Sarna and apply corrections
*<s>[[Duncan Fisher]] </s> / [[George Ledoux]]
*[[Eleuthera Meriba]] / [[Meriba]] system article(s)
*<strike>Revamp Essays category tree, separate [[BattleTech Essays]] from [[BattleTechWiki Essays]]</strike>