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House Allard

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| died out =
| affiliation = [[Lyran Commonwealth]]<br>[[St. Ives Compact]]
| cadet lines = [[House Allard-Liao]]
'''House Allard''' (Later '''Allard-Liao''') are a highly influential noble house originating on [[Kestrel]]<ref>''Warrior: Riposte'', p. 235, Justin Allard discovers he was given a dish that had the crest of Kestrel on it during the Steiner-Davion wedding reception.</ref> with links to both [[House Liao]] and [[House Steiner]]. The House stood to become the ruling family of the [[St. Ives Compact]], but their accession never came to pass due to the Compact being forcibly reintegrated into the [[Capellan Confederation]] in [[3063]].