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Daniel Allard

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| image = Daniel Allard.jpg
| caption =
| name = Daniel W. Webster Allard
| birthdate = [[2997]]
| died = 12 June [[3069]]<ref>''Jihad Hot Spots: 3070'', p.??</ref>
'''Daniel W. Webster Allard''' ([[2997]] &ndash; [[3069]], aged 72 years) is a [[MechWarrior (pilot)|MechWarrior]] with the [[Kell Hounds]]. Dan, as he was more commonly known, steadily rose up the ranks of the unit, to full command of the unit after [[Morgan Kell]] retired from active command. The brother of [[Justin Allard]] and uncle of [[Kai Allard-Liao]], Dan married Morgan's illegitimate daughter [[Megan Kell]].
==Early history==