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Julian Tiepolo

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[[Image:{{InfoBoxCharacter| image = JulianTiepolo.png| caption = | name = Julian Tiepolo|thumbbirthdate = | died = [[3029]]|rightothernames = |190pxaffiliation = [[ComStar]]|profession = [[Primus Julian Tiepoloof ComStar]]| parents = | siblings = | spouse = | children = }}
'''Julian Tiepolo''' (29?? – [[3029]]) was the twelfth [[Primus of ComStar]], holding the role during the majority of the [[Fourth Succession War]]. His most notable achievement was to oversee the [[Federated Commonwealth|Federated Commonwealth Alliance]] and to personally introduce the [[Concord of Kapteyn]].
As the Fourth Succession War drew to a close, Tiepolo suffered a massive heart attack, one of the few Primuses to have died of natural causes. Tiepolo was replaced by firebrand Precentor [[Dieron]] [[Myndo Waterly]]. <ref name=MM-205>''Masters and Minions'', p. 205 "ComStar - The Steel Veil"</ref>
==Titles and Positions==
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*''[[ComStar (sourcebook)]]''
* ''[[The Spider and the Wolf]]''
* ''[[Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers]]''