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*''[[Strategic Operations]]'', updating [[BattleForce|BattleForce 2]] and [[AeroTech 2 Revised Edition|AeroTech 2 Revised]] to provide a large-scale version of the game
* ''[[Interstellar Operations]]'', advanced rules to allow playing on a grand strategic scale, playing an interstellar empire instead of individual combat units. This is similar to a previous FASA game named ''[[Succession Wars (Board Game)|Succession Wars]]'' and rules from the ''[[Combat Operations]]'' sourcebook
* ''[[Campaign Operations]]'', advanced rules for creating and running campaigns, and managing and running both mercenary and house military units.
* ''[[A Time of War]]'', the role-playing game rules for the BattleTech universe
* ''[[Universe Book]]'', which provides background and details on the game's fictional universe