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Predator (Combat Vehicle)

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The '''Predator Tank Destroyer''' is the modern version of a [[Succession Wars Era]] [[Combat Vehicle]], which was originally produced for the [[Capellan Confederation]]. Designed around a single weapon, the vehicle was made as a stop gap replacement during a time where [[House Liao]]'s combat vehicle forces were being depleted.
The tank was first design designed during last few years the [[Second Succession War]]. It would serve until [[2974]], when during the battle of [[Spica]] the tank's glaring flaws would come to light. The planet's militia forces using the tank were soundly defeated during a skirmish against the armor elements of the [[5th Syrtis Fusiliers]]. The Predator would soon fade away and be replaced with the [[Hetzer]].
It would not be until the [[Victoria War]], where a revised modern version of the Predator would appear again. This new standard version of the tank proved its worth with improved armor and a long-ranged main gun.<ref>''Technical Readout: 3145 Capellan Confederation'', p.14 Predator Tank Destroyer - Background</ref>